Sunday, June 28, 2009

Uncomfortable? Yes. Painful? Not really.

The title pretty much describes my first run since May 9th. I am not sure if that is encouraging or not. I guess the fact that I am not deeply depressed and questioning my future endeavors is a good sign. Ha!

Today I made a quick trip to the Downtown YMCA after doing my stretches at home. I decided to do my first run on the treadmill so I could easily track my pace and keep myself consistent. Plus, it's Oklahoma in the summer. Nobody really wants to run outside right now. I picked my spot in the mass of treadmills and settled in. Ipod..check. Water....check. USA Soccer vs. Brazil in viewing range....check. I started off with 10 minutes of warm-up as instructed by the doctor. I settled in to a 4.5 mph brisk walk and loosened up a bit. After the warm-up walk, I upped the tempo to 6.0 mph and got my 10 min/mile pace going. It's funny how slow that feels, but it was what the doctor ordered so I obeyed. My run was immediately uncomfortable. It's like my legs forgot what it felt like to be pounding the ground one after the other. I wouldn't say it was painful because I never really considered stopping, but it definitely wasn't the pure running bliss I oh so wanted. I did experience some sharp pains if I lost concentration and misstepped. Mostly due to me fiddling with my iPod and going slightly off-track on the treadmill. Things began to loosen up a bit after I got about 1/2 mile into the run and actually felt decent as I reached the 1 mile threshold. If it had been a "normal" day I would have kept running, but since I was strictly instructed to only do 1 mile the first time out, I figured it was best to stop and not take any chances. I did a 10 minute cooldown at 4.5 mph and called it quits. Overall, I would say my state of mind is unchanged : cautiously optimistic.

After the run, I did the obligatory Sunday grocery shopping trip. I was doing so well diet-wise until this weekend. I sure blew that out of the water with sports bar food both Friday and Saturday night. Pretty sure pub fries and buttery texas toast sandwiches don't quite qualify as health food. I will get back on track this week and keep the nutrition ball rolling in the right direction.

No big plans this week, although I am ecstatic about the shorter work week. We are off Friday for the upcoming holiday and I am very excited about getting to watch Wimbledon on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I sure miss the summer days of college and high school where I could get up early during the fortnight and watch tennis all day long. Wimbledon is my favorite tournament of the year. I will definitely go one of these days. Any takers?

No other big news really. I am going to go for another 1 mile run on Tuesday. I figured every other day will be fine for now. I may throw in a bike ride or two here and there just to keep things loose.

Also, last thing. I want to say thanks to Christina for the tips and the encouraging words. Next time you make it to OKC we should definitely go for a run. It would be great to see you again. Until next time, keep those minds and bodies working.

2.42 miles - 30 minutes - 12:24 pace WATCH OUT!

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