Monday, June 8, 2009

Another week

Well, it is now officially another week gone by without any running. I was cautiously optimistic that things were getting better, but I think the absolute worst thing for my hip and groin at the moment are sitting in an office all day long. I felt great this morning when I woke up and even was considering that maybe I had turned the corner to no pain. Think again. After sitting all day at my desk, I have the constant dull pain again in my groin and the side of my hip. AAAARRRGGHHH! I am getting very frustrated with this whole injury bug. I did my stretches after work and did a little bit of lifting and called it good. Oh yeah, I did some stationary bike too. Only 15 minutes. Just to get some blood flowing and to loosen things up a bit. Tomorrow is another visit to physical therapy. I will report my lack of progress and see if I get any direction otherwise. I go back to the actual sports med doctor on June 18th so that will be the ultimate moment of truth. I am guessing I will probably get another x-ray or an MRI if things still haven't improved by then. I think the 4 day weekend in Mexico may be just what the doctor ordered. No sitting at a desk. Swimming in the ocean and the pool and soaking up some sun. The flight will probably suck because sitting in a fixed position for any amount of time tends to get pretty uncomfortable. Hopefully it won't be a packed flight and I can spread out a bit. I will update with pics from Mexico if I take my laptop. I haven't really decided if that will happen yet or not. I may just escape for a weekend and leave the life at home. Take care everyone.


  1. Hey - came across your blog from frayed laces - noticed that your first Marathon will be the The White Rock in Dallas - SO WILL MINE!!!! Hopefully your injury gets well soon! I'm getting kind of hooked on the running blogs, thinking about starting my own to track my training...hmm I'll see :)

  2. Thanks for posting a comment! I am very excited for White Rock. I hope I can start back to training soon. Let me know if you start up a blog and I will add it to my list.