Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Training Blog

I have gotten some inspiration for a training blog from reading several sites across the world wide web and I believe I will start one myself. It is a great way to track progress, stay motivated, and to be held accountable. I want to be able to easily access my personal running records and be able to share them with those who are interested. I will start my training blog next week when I begin the 6-month training schedule for my first marathon. For the past 2 weeks, I have ran here and there, and have started lifting weights again. I have also started a core exercise regimen at my house. I figured I could get a lot accomplished while I was watching television instead of just internet surfing. My plan is to keep the weights and core exercises in my schedule until I reach the later stages of my marathon training. I think somewhere around mid-September, early October I will have to tone down some of the weights and core just so I have time to do other things besides run. After all, it will be football season!

Another purpose of tonight's blog : I wanted to rank my favorite shows from the Fall08-Spring09 television schedule. Here you go:

  1. Brothers and Sisters - my favorite show at this time.
  2. Private Practice - best season finale to date.
  3. Friday Night Lights - a hidden gem of a show. I still have a few episodes left this season, but I will watch them soon.
  4. The Office - still my favorite comedy
  5. 30 Rock - this runs a close 2nd to Office
  6. The Amazing Race - best reality show and one I would love to be on in the future
  7. Grey's Anatomy - still solid, but other shows have definitely surpassed it in my book
  8. Survivor - still running strong and still entertaining
  9. American Idol - surprisingly became hooked this year. Kris and Allison were my favorites
  10. Parks and Recreation - good new comedy, hope it lasts
  11. Desperate Housewives - it is still entertaining, although losing some luster
  12. Real World/Road Rules Challenge - my guilty pleasure
DVR has definitely opened up the possibility of more tv viewing in my household. I tend to DVR and watch an episode here and there when I have time. Most of my viewing usually comes late Friday and Saturday night after going out or early Sunday morning when I just don't want to venture out just yet. That will all change with training though. My runs will become more frequent and my tv time will dwindle. It will be a welcome change.

I am looking forward to the weekend. I really don't have a ton planned and am looking forward to saving some money and relaxing. I think I may catch a movie or two and try to catch up on my household chores. Who knows? If it's nice I may even make an appearance at the CHK Boathouse Triathlon to see the real athletes compete. It would provide me with some great motivation to start my training next week. Until then, I think I will enjoy the open week and plan for the months ahead.

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