Monday, May 18, 2009

New week

Monday. The first day of the week and often times the hardest. It seems like you always wake up a little more tired than you want to be and everything just seems a little bit harder. Well, that is how my Monday was today. I guess if I had actually gotten some rest this weekend, it would have been better. I didn't really do anything of note, but i did stay out too late and drink a little too much. I think I am just getting it out of my system before my training starts. My habits will have to change for the better as time progresses and the miles get tacked on.

Now it's decision time. I have become concerned about my hip and need to decide whether to take another week off and try to run next week, or test it out tomorrow and if it hurts go to the doctor. I really want to avoid any injury that would hamper training, but I really, really want to get out and run. I did play tennis tonight and my leg actually felt pretty good. I think can rule out a stress fracture. I think it is more than likely some sort of inflammation on the ball of my hip. I really only felt a twinge of pain after I had stepped and took the weight off my leg. It seems odd that it happens after I take the weight off, but at least it is getting better. I may run a bit tomorrow and test it out. After all, I am ready to get on the road to the marathon.

That's all for now. Time to start focusing on reading my new book "The Ultimate Guide to Marathon Training". I am definitely looking forward to the upcoming weekend. Three days off will be a welcome change. Hopefully my next blog is filled with a great big write-up of my return to running!

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  1. love your blog! love the title too! thanks for the shout out and i will be checking back in regularly for updates! i would normally say TRAIN HARD...but I think you have that part instead I will say TRAIN SMART!!!